Mossyrock Blueberry Festival

Sixth Annual
5K and 8K
Trail Race

Saturday, August 5, 2017
Runners choose between a 5K or 8K race.
Both races cross the Mossyrock Dam -
the highest dam in the state of Washington.
The 8K continues into Mossyrock park.

The 5K and 8K Races are sponsored by the
Mossyrock Track and Field/Cross Country.

The race is a cross country style race, which means slight elevation changes and some trail running.
The entry fee is $15, and blueberries will be provided to preregistered participants. The application form for registration can be found on our Applications Page, or downloaded by just clicking here.

Please note:  The race will start at 9AM, and runner registration is open at 8AM.


Images from the 2016 Race
Start of the 5K Tail Race
Starting uphill
Photo courtesy of Chris Johnson, East County Journal

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**Chris Johnson - East County Journal

Map of 5 and 8 K Races
Tentative route of 2017 TrailRace

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