Mossyrock Blueberry Festival

Mossyrock Area Action League

Coordinating organization for the Blueberry Festival

Mission Statement

The Mission of this corporate body is to foster an improved quality of life for the people of the Mossyrock, Silver Creek, Salkum, and Cinebar and central Lewis County communities. We encourage community investment, create and cultivate community assets, and invest in the health and well-being of our neighbors.

Board of Directors and Officers 2016

Philip McDaniel (Board chair)
Glenn Aldrich(Vice chair)
Michele Birley
Janet Meade (Treasurer)
Don Varo
Laura Coppock (Secretary)

Board of Directors and Officers 2017

Philip McDaniel (Board advisor)
Glenn Aldrich (Board chair)
Michele Birley
Laura Coppock (Secretary)
Janet Meade (Treasurer)
Don Varo (Vice chair)
James "Michael" Wall (Webmaster)

Current Programs

One of MAAL's major activities is planning and organizing the Blueberry Festival. Over 32,000 have attended the festival since in the last 8 years. MAAL also sponsors the annual VFW Veteran's Dinner and cosponsors the Mossyrock Halloween Party. Its trailer and portable stage is taken to some other community parades in the area and is available for rent.

In 2015, a $1,500 scholarship was given to a 2015 graduate during the Mossyrock High School graduation ceremony.

MAAL and the Blueberry Festival aid several groups from the Mossyrock High School who able to earn money for their projects by helping at the festival.They provide essential help with such tasks as parking, manning gates, and cleanup. In 2016, MAAL donated $880.50 to various school groups for their volunteer efforts in addition to the money they earned at events and booths they sponsored.

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