Mossyrock from the hill above

Board Members are:

President   Randall Sasser 
Vice President Paul West   (206) 399-8441 
Treasurer  Chris Sasser     
Secretary  Currently Open         
Board Pos. 1  Bea Minnear                       
Board Pos. 2  Jackie Aherns 
Board Pos. 3  Joe Blum                                 
Board Pos. 4  Scot Potter 
Webmaster  Jim Hudson   (360) 324-2614     

Volunteers: Gates/Parking
Randall Sasser Parade
Angie Hartmann For all she’s done
Jackie Ahrens Director

The Mossyrock Blueberry Festival is a community-led event coordinated by the Mossyrock Area Action League (MAAL), a grass roots, 501(c)3 non-profit organization working on community asset building, economic development, and poverty reduction in East Lewis County, Washington.

The Mossyrock Blueberry Festival is a partnership between MAAL, the City of Mossyrock, the Mossyrock School District, the Road Rebels Car Club, and many local and regional organizations. Along with its Festival partners, MAAL would like to acknowledge its dedicated and invaluable volunteers. By all of us working together, we hope to offer our visitors and neighbors an enjoyable, fun, and memorable visit to the Mossyrock area.

Further, don’t forget, the festival is the peak of the season to get those beautiful and nutritious blueberries from a local farm!

Please consider attending a meeting of the Mossyrock Area Action League which meets the 1st Friday of the month at the Mossyrock Community Center at 6 p.m. to see how you can make our Festivals even better.
We acknowledge and thank the City of Mossyrock and its Employees for their cooperation & services provided before, during and after our events. Their contribution is invaluable to the success of our events.
The Board of Directors of the Mossyrock Area Action League ask you as members of our community to please consider these advertisers first when you need any of the services and products they provide.