Mossyrock Blueberry Festival

The Hometown Parade

State Street
Saturday, August 1, 2015
11 AM

Sponsored by
Four-U Realty
Four-U Realty

The Saturday parade will start at 11 AM. It is one of the main features of Mossyrock's annual Blueberry Festival.

This year most parade entries will line up in the park's parking area off Isbell Rd. Entries are encouraged approach this area from State Street. This portion of Isbell will be closed at 10 AM.

Want to enter the parade? The application form is available

Images from the 2015 Parade
Honor guard
VFW Flag bearer
Photo courtesy of the East County Journal

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* Photo curtesy of Craig Coppock, Mossyrock Hardware
**Photo curtesy of Chris Johnson, East County Journal
***The picture was taken from Larry and Fennie Korth's drone.

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